Rousan Ali

Rousan Ali

Enthusiast in Web Development


Send and receive text or file from one device to another through a browser using end-to-end encryption.


Sync clipboard data across all your devices over the air via CTRL+C and CTRL+V.


Stable package registry for Golang (Not published).


A JavaScript library for creating vector graphics using SVG. It uses the SVG W3C Recommendation. It provides SVG DOM manipulation, data binding and animation functionality.

ES6 Harmony

ES6 equivalent implementation in ES5 for older JavaScript engines.


A lightweight Promises/A+ compliant implementation of ECMAScript Promise API.

LinkedIn Auto Connect

An automation tool to automate the connection requests on LinkedIn.

Symbol ES6

Provides support for Symbol API of ES6 in ES5 environment for older browsers.

Collections ES6

ES6 Map, Set, WeakMap and WeakSet polyfill in pure ES5 code.

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